What we can do for you and what we will not do etc.

(Copied from https://network23.org for now.)

Privacy Policy

We have a policy of no unnecessary data retention. We don’t hold any other personal details apart from your email so your email is the only information that we can be legally forced to hand over. Your email address is stored on the server to send you password resets and to contact you with technical information or for legal reasons. If you can be traced by your email address then this data may end up in the wrong hands if the server were to be seized. Be aware of this. We suggest that you apply from a secure email address if you can. We suggest aktivix.org or riseup.net as email providers.

We discourage users from posting other people’s personal details and we may remove personal details from posts.

Take down notices

If we receive a legally binding take down notice we will contact you and try to support you. To do this you need to be able to reply to the emails we send you within a reasonable time. If you don’t we may have to take the website offline until you do get back to us.

We don’t guarantee to keep up a website if there are serious legal implications but this may change if we find people who are prepared to do legal work on your behalf and keep us informed.