You will find some hints and pointers to enlarge your privacy, but keep in mind that security is not a product but a process ; you will have to think about it as a whole.



Our services make a heavy use of cryptography. For SSL, please install the CA Cert root certificate for Firefox, Thunderbird, Windows, etc.

SHA1 Fingerprint=A3:7E:3C:54:9D:C7:93:C6:A2:5D:1A:FA:D7:56:EE:E3:92:64:92:AF
MD5 Fingerprint=5A:E2:11:3D:F0:EC:FD:CE:C0:63:FE:E4:75:19:C7:AA




By default deleting emails in webmail will move them to the Trash folder.

You can change this in the settings. If you don't, make sure to empty the Trash from time to time, or ask us (?tech@) to make a cronjob to delete your Trash folder.

Downloading your emails

a.k.a. backups offers imap-ssl and pop3-ssl. With pop3-ssl you can download your inbox emails, and choose to either leave a copy on the server or not. This is something recommended by but you should realise that by downloading emails to your own computer also means that you should think a bit more about the security of your own computer. Perhaps you want to use disk encryption, as well as encrypted backups.

See also


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Disk encryption